Show off your ride the proper way

There are a lot of people in the world that are just like me and are avid car lovers. We subscribe to all the automotive magazines, go to all the car shows and our walls are plastered in car posters, but without photography and the knowledge of how to properly take a picture of a car to make it look the best we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the simple beauty and design of any car on the road. This Blog is totally devoted on how those professionals make the cars look good in every picture and how everyday people can make their pictures look as good with their own home camera.

There are some very easy tips that anyone can follow to improve the quality and look of any eye catching car that they desire.

1. ALWAYS make sure that your flash is on….. This is very important point of photography that many people think does more damage than good, and this is very much the opposite. The flash allows all the details, lines and curves to be shown off to their full potential. The only time in which a flash should really be turned off is if you happen to take a picture of cars placed under a florescent light.

2. Outside photos = Shades for u and the camera……. When someone is taking pictures of a car outside on a clear bright day it is always the idea to use some kind of shade or filter to that the pollution in the air and the UV rays all around us are left out of the photo and the bright vibrant colors show through with little to no glare off the car.

3. A little to the left… a little to the left… GREAT POSITIONING!…… In any photo whether it be of a car, landscape or person, positioning in the photo is always vital. You don’t want to cut off part of the car or have it at a very awkward angle that take away from the picture….. Lastly, no matter what position you use, make sure that there is as much light as possible ( and as stated before make sure to always have the flash on :))

4. Location, Location, Location……. Picking the right background or location for your picture is almost as important as the main object in the picture. When taking pictures of cars the photographer always wants to make sure that they take their pictures in an area with little commotion in the back ground. Simple solid colors are the best backdrops but simple landscapes are very good as well. You will also want to make sure that you choose a location that does not have a lot of other distractions aside from the colors. In other words, as few people and other cars in the picture as possible…. You are wanting to focus on one car, not all the ones cars that maybe around it.

5. Wait, get me at my good ANGLE……. The angle of a car can make or brake your picture. Side or corner angles are the norm and most prefered angle in taking pictures of cars, and you will more than likely want to keep those angles. This shows off a lot more of the car then just a head on view or rear view of the car.

There are many other very helpful tips that people can find online or from any photography book. 2 very helpful resources that i encountered was



feel free to check them out and maybe they can help you catch as beautiful of a picture of your pride and joy like i did.


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