One Week With Twitter

Per an assignment handed down by my Corporate Public Relations professor I was required to create an account on the social networking site called Twitter.  I found that this site was very similar to another social media site that I am a member of, facebook, but twitter basically encompasses the status portion of facebook.  

Twitter gave me the ability to connect with people, not only in the USA, but all over the world.  I began “following” (recieving the posts) from quite a few important and experienced people in the fields of communications, advertising, and the automotive industry.  

Though i enjoyed the short time I have been on twitter, keeping up with people, seeing when new people decide to follow me and seeing what new and exciting people I can find to follow, I have to honestly admit that I do not feel that I would keep up with or follow twitter as much as I do with some other social media networks that I am a member of.  

Twitter is a WONDERFUL network full of valuable information and sources that I truly wish to oneday uncover but i am less than impressed with the idea of only being able to post no more than 140 characters per post OR private message.  

I do NOT intend on deactivating my account, and fully intend on maintaining it and seeing what other twitters out there can offer, but i stongly foresee myself using Facebook, PRopenmic and LinkedIN more than twitter.


One Response to “One Week With Twitter”

  1. I can appreciate your feelings about Twitter. You know, it was my former students who, *after* graduation came to me and pushed *me* on to Twitter. I’m grateful. It did take awhile to see the possibilities for contacts / networking.

    You know what might make it work for you? Get a client like TweetDeck (preferred) or Twhirl and let it run on your desktop. This way you can easily dive in and out of conversations and reading when you want to … and, you don’t have to always open a browser window. That’s what did it for me.

    Also, I’m very happy you’re involved on PROpenMic and hope you’ll stay with us. I’ve seen students gain valuable information, develop good contacts and even find internships and jobs through the site. Hope the same happens for you. :o)


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