Review of: Public Relations Comentary

Per an assignment in my Corporate Public Relations class, I was to read and review a series of PR blogs. The first blog that I chose to review is entitled Public Relations Commentary.

This blog, at first glance, the Public Relations Commentary blog covers most any PR base that you could ask for. The thing that I personally liked about this blog was that the different posting were not all by the same person. There is a list of contributors to this blog that is listed to the side of all postings. Though this may seem simple and seemingly insignificant to many people, it strikes me as this sites biggest asset. Having a variety of contributors ensures different points of view on any, and all topics that maybe discussed on this blog. Multiple contributors often will also eliminate bias and strong personal opinion that plague many other blogs.

Beyond the esthetically pleasing colors and set up, this site is very easy to navigate and follow. The latest post that was made in this blog was one that dealt with Crisis Communication. This post was very well written and informative as well without being overly wordy or full of opinion and insignificant, unrelated information.

Personally I would highly recommend this blog to any communications student or professional. Students would definitely get a large about of useful information for class, personal use or projects, while professionals can get a continual update on career related information as well as a look into what is new in the field of Public Relations and other communications careers.

As I said before I would HIGHLY recommend this blog and feel that if can, and will act as a wonderful tool in the areas of research, news and ideas in the areas of not only communications but a heavy emphasis in the field of Public Relations as well.

All I have to say to the contributors and creators of Public Relations Commentary is GOOD JOB, VERY WELL DONE!


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