General Motors & The Groundswell

Does General Motors embrace the Groundswell? As I looked at the General Motors website, along with various other social media outlets, I quickly realized one thing; GM has definitely discovered the Groundswell but they are far from embracing it yet. GM has always been noted for listening to customers, especially those customers that end up purchasing a GM vehicle, which makes up a huge part of the Groundswell, but the means in which they are listening to them is very limited.

There are quite a few places on the General Motors website that customers and GM owners can go to voice their opinions, ask questions, or simply communicate with other GM owners, but much outside of their own website it is hard to find GM. If you are to search “General Motors” or “GM” on Twitter, you will get pages of customers referring to the car company, but you will find no one that is actually associated with the automotive giant.

One of the areas in which GM is in fact embracing the groundswell is in, surprisingly enough, the popular social networking site, When you type in General Motors into the search bar, you will get back pages upon pages of results that include fan groups, member created groups relating to GM, along with hundreds of employees that have General Motors as one of their networks. To be completely honest Facebook was one of the last places I thought I would find an overwhelming GM presence, but it seems to be the place to go if you want to support GM or any of its subsidiaries. The GM groups on Facebook will send you updates, news and information about the company, all while providing yet another place for the general public and GM owners to come and voice their opinions about the company and the cars that they are producing.

When it comes to the groundswell and GM, there are definitely things that still need to be done. They have tapped certain aspects of the groundswell, they are listening to their customers and owners, and in many cases they are even talking with the groundswell by releasing information, updates and news in a variety of places, but GM is far from embracing the groundswell as a whole yet. GM should strongly consider tapping into the many different social media outlets that are found all over the web. Twitter and other social media sites like it, are great ways to connect to potential customers that may have discounted or disregarded you in the past. GM prides its self on being one of the most technologically advanced and modernized car companies in existence, but we now need them to bring that over into their online lives as well as their public auto lives.


3 Responses to “General Motors & The Groundswell”

  1. Nice analysis, Mike. Thanks for sharing your ideas on ways GM can further embrace the groundswell.

  2. A few leading questions:

    – Did you find the GM Fastlane blog?
    – How about the Pontiac community on Yahoo?
    – Are you sure that GM set up those groups on Facebook, or were they set up by members?
    – Do a blog search on “GM” and “private jet”. The groundswell isn’t treating GM very nicely right now, is it?

  3. Josh — you do ask some good questions here.

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