General Motors Company Overview

General Motors is one of the America’s “Big 3” auto makers and is currently ranked number four on the Forbes Fortune 1000. GM is the parent company of 10 different auto makers both foreign and domestic. General Motors was officially founded in 1908 when they began production of their first automobiles under the brand name Oldsmobile. Within the last 100 years GM has continued to raise the bar in the automotive world in the areas of technology, safety, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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The General Motors headquarters is located in Detroit Michigan, which is also home to the largest General Motors assembly plant. GM has well over 27 different assembly plants in North America with a majority in the United States. GM also has a number or assembly plants, parts factories and machining plants throughout Canada and Mexico as well as factories around Europe for the GM companies found over seas.

Currently General Motors has become one of the leading automakers concerned with making more environmentally friendly cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. In addition to designing realistic energy efficient automobiles, GM also prides its self on how eco-friendly all of their plants and factories are. The leaders of General Motors have put forward every effort to ensure that they are not only providing stylish, dependable automobiles but that their cars are also environmentally friendly and responsible as well.

General Motors was also the first auto maker to provide customers with a built in safety feature that monitors all GM cars called OnStar. This state of the art security and safety feature allows for drivers to monitor their vehicle, make hands free calls from inside their car as well as 24\7 monitoring by trained advisors that will be notified in the case of an accident or if your vehicle’s airbags deploy. If these sensors are tripped, an OnStar representative will immediately be patched into your car and is there to call for help in cases where drives may not be able too, provide first aid information, or simply talk with occupants until help can arrive. OnStar is a feature available on many GM models and is an exclusive feature to members of the GM family of cars.


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