General Motors & Me

Throughout the semester I have had the opportunity to do more research on General Motors than I ever thought I would do. I have been able to research and learn about many facets pertaining to the company its self including:

  • How it got to where it is today.
  • History of GM.
  • Career Opportunities (or the current lack there of)
  • Environmental advances in both GM vehicles and factories.
  • Current financial troubles surrounding the company.

Throughout all of this research I have asked myself many time “Can I see myself working for GM?” Simply put, at this point, with the current state of the company I would honestly have to say that I am not as interested in working for General Motors as I would have been 10 years ago or maybe even 10 years from now. I have seen what an amazing company General Motors is and the many things they do for their employees, customers and communities which makes me want to join the GM family, but with the current slump in sales, the pending federal bail-out and some less than ethical activities from the companies current higher ups, I would have to say that I would look else where before I joined with GM.

Personally, my dream job would be to work in Public Relations, Promotions or Marketing\Advertising for a major car company. This dream makes me want to try to pursue a career with GM, but then again I have to look at the company its self and decide whether it is a smart move at this point. As I stated earlier, General Motors would definitely be a company I would be interested in later down the road when and if they can get their act together and become a little more stable than its current state.


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