Jump Start Your Career The General Motors Way


General Motors obviously does everything that they can to help job seekers launch or further a career with the auto giant. The GM webpage has a special area dedicated to career opportunities.  This area offers links for job seekers to not only see current job postings, but to apply online as well. If you choose to click on this link you are then shown 3 more additional links for “experienced” job seekers, new college graduates as well as those who are still in school and are seeking and internship or co-op opportunities. Job seekers that are also seeking some excitement and a change of scenery also have the option of searching for jobs with GM world wide.

Currently, if a job seeker were to try to search for career openings in the communications sector of General Motors, they will come up empty handed. The same goes for those job seekers who decide to search key word such as:

  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing

The current state of the companies finances could be to blame for the serious lack of jobs that are available, but in a normal economic setting it appears that General Motors would be a great way to launch a career for new graduates, as well as a great way to further a career for people with more experience in the work force.

Photo Credit:
Photo applied from GM.com

Information Citation:

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General Motors Corporation, (2008). Message posted to



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