Which Of Grunig & Hunt’s PR Models Best Fits General Motors?

In reference to the different Public Relations models produced by Grunig & Hunt, General Motors fits into 2 of them a little more than the others. The Two-way Symmetric and the Two-way Asymmetric models are by far the most prevalent models that GM utilizes.

GM and the Two-way Symmetric model becomes more obvious in the times in which GM or its representatives are actually meeting face to face with current or perspective customers. This face to face interaction allows for GM to get immediate feed back in response to the information that they are sending out.

The Two-way Asymmetric model is the model most commonly used by General Motors. General Motors is constantly sending out information through a variety of sources, some of which allow for feed back, while others done, but with this diminished amount of feed back coming from their audience makes GM fit into this model more than any other.


Photo Credit:

Photo applied from Google Images

Information Citation:

Doorley, J. & Garcia, H. F. (2007). Reputation Management. In Media Relations (p. 67-101). New York, NY: Taylor & Francis Group.


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