1. Connecting : Hey there, I’m Mike Jung, I am a senior public relations major at GSU getting ready to enter the real world. –My view on introductions is pretty simple; GIVE ME ONE! Personally, I not only pay attention more to a person who takes the time to write a little intro, I also think that it’s a common courtesy. I am also a big fan of a more personalized introduction, especially in the social media, internet world.–

2. Follow, add, friend: I will be your friend, but we better ACTUALLY know each other!

— My policy on friending people and following people is: I am actually pretty harsh when it comes to friending people or accepting friendships. If I don’t know you, if I have never met you, or if we don’t have at least 5 mutual friends, I will more than likely reject your request. On sites like Twitter and PRopenmic, I am much more liberal, but that is mainly because I do not have nearly the same amount of personal information and pictures on those sites as I do on sites such as Facebook.–

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Be smart… We all know there are creeps out there.

— With my stance on adding friends and with as high as my security settings on most sites are, I don’t have to be too careful, but at the same time I still try to keep the minimal amount of my personal information on the internet. My thoughts are that if I am friends with a person on these social media sites that I actually pay attention to, then chances are they already have the necessary contact information if they should need to get a hold of me. —

4. Signal to noise: Open to all

— I am pretty loyal with my social media use. I am a HUGE fan of Facebook. I couldn’t even tell you how many times a day I check it. I am members of other networks, such as PRopenmic, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but my activity on those sites is MUCH less than that of Facebook. Part of the reason why I choose to not participate in many of the other sites is, the fact that I get very annoyed, very easily, especially when people insist on continually posting comments or topics that really have nothing to do with anything other than what that person is angry about at the time. —

5. Personal data and sharing: Information, networking and connections, not much more.

— Personally, all of the social media sites that I am a member of serve one main function; networking. I join these sites to keep in touch with friends, make some professional connections and find out more information on specific topics that grab my attention. Anything much beyond that criteria really does not appeal to me that much. —

6. My networking needs and uses: Plain and simple…. FACEBOOK

— When it comes to my personal networking needs and uses I keep it pretty simple. I use Facebook the most out of any of the social media sites that I am a member of. Beyond facebook, I tend to have very limited use or need. I still maintain and check my PRopenmic account, as well as my Twitter, but I have no need or desire to really use anything other than those. At one time I was also a member of MySpace, but as time has gone on and I found Facebook, I eventually deleted my profile due to an extreme lack of use or interest. —


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