My Thoughts & Critique Of The GM On-line Newsroom

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The General Motors online Newsroom serves its function very well, but I personally I find it very boring to look at. The newsroom link of the GM website is very easy to find, and the newsroom its self is very easy to navigate, but I do feel that some minor changes need to be made. First, and foremost, the screen containing the links to the different stories should be large enough to read the title of the article without having part chopped off. If nothing else, there should be a bar available to scroll left and right as well as up and down in order to read the complete title.

Aesthetically the page its self is very boring and plain, which is like nothing else on the GM website. The rest of the website provides vivid colors, pictures to attract viewers as well as enough room to view titles and links without losing additional information or pictures.

One, very nice aspect of the GM newsroom is the variety of coverage that all of the stories that are featured. I also have to give a major compliment to General Motors for the simple fact that not all of the stories featured are ones in favor of the company. The newsroom has its fair share of stories that could be seen as negative publicity towards the company, but GM is fair and ethical enough to not only publish the good, but the negative as well.

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Jump Start Your Career The General Motors Way

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General Motors obviously does everything that they can to help job seekers launch or further a career with the auto giant. The GM webpage has a special area dedicated to career opportunities.  This area offers links for job seekers to not only see current job postings, but to apply online as well. If you choose to click on this link you are then shown 3 more additional links for “experienced” job seekers, new college graduates as well as those who are still in school and are seeking and internship or co-op opportunities. Job seekers that are also seeking some excitement and a change of scenery also have the option of searching for jobs with GM world wide.

Currently, if a job seeker were to try to search for career openings in the communications sector of General Motors, they will come up empty handed. The same goes for those job seekers who decide to search key word such as:

  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing

The current state of the companies finances could be to blame for the serious lack of jobs that are available, but in a normal economic setting it appears that General Motors would be a great way to launch a career for new graduates, as well as a great way to further a career for people with more experience in the work force.

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General Motors & Me

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Throughout the semester I have had the opportunity to do more research on General Motors than I ever thought I would do. I have been able to research and learn about many facets pertaining to the company its self including:

  • How it got to where it is today.
  • History of GM.
  • Career Opportunities (or the current lack there of)
  • Environmental advances in both GM vehicles and factories.
  • Current financial troubles surrounding the company.

Throughout all of this research I have asked myself many time “Can I see myself working for GM?” Simply put, at this point, with the current state of the company I would honestly have to say that I am not as interested in working for General Motors as I would have been 10 years ago or maybe even 10 years from now. I have seen what an amazing company General Motors is and the many things they do for their employees, customers and communities which makes me want to join the GM family, but with the current slump in sales, the pending federal bail-out and some less than ethical activities from the companies current higher ups, I would have to say that I would look else where before I joined with GM.

Personally, my dream job would be to work in Public Relations, Promotions or Marketing\Advertising for a major car company. This dream makes me want to try to pursue a career with GM, but then again I have to look at the company its self and decide whether it is a smart move at this point. As I stated earlier, General Motors would definitely be a company I would be interested in later down the road when and if they can get their act together and become a little more stable than its current state.

General Motors In A Time Of Crisis

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One of the biggest and most publicized crisis situations that General Motors has had to face since its creation 100 years ago is actually currently taking place. GM’s current financial crisis has been plastered across news headlines all over the world and especially here in the U.S. A drastic decline in sales, extensive layoffs and a poor economic environment are all contributing to this issue.

General Motors is by no means the only American auto maker currently having to deal with this crisis; Ford and Daimler-Chrysler, which are the other 2 companies that make up the “Big 3” American auto makers, are also trying to overcome extreme financial turmoil.

Many things are being done to try to turn the company’s finances around. Some of these methods are shown in a positive light, while many others are having more negative effects. Currently GM and the rest of the “Big 3” are appealing to congress for a multi-billion dollar “bail-out” plan. This bailout is very similar to the one that the nation’s financial sector just received. The intent of this bailout is to keep these auto makers from going under completely. While many Americans view these federal bailouts as necessary in our nation’s struggling economy, many are upset at the idea of having to put the country farther and farther into debt so save these companies.

General Motors has also received a large amount of negative publicity for another crisis aversion technique; layoffs. GM has been forced to layoff thousands of employees and even close factories due to the dramatic decline in sales among the domestic car market. Though these layoffs are enabling the company to save money by not having to pay nearly as many employees, the negative publicity that the company is receiving is overwhelming. Unemployment officials have even hinted at these layoffs, by GM and other auto makers, have had a great effect on the growing number of Americans that are currently unemployed.

General Motors is trying to pull themselves out of the gutter in some more positive ways as well though. For almost a year now, General Motors has been offering “GM Employee Pricing” among other special pricing deals on nearly every make and model in the GM lineup. This pricing campaign is aimed at getting more people to purchase GM vehicles by offering dramatic discounts on mostly every car they offer. This campaign not only proves to be beneficial to GM, but additionally to the nation’s economy as a whole.


General Motors is also relying heavily on the introduction of a new Chevrolet car which GM hopes will attract buyers. The Chevrolet Volt is the car that GM is placing a heavy burden on. The Volt is the world’s first totally electric car, emitting no emissions and requiring only electricity as fuel. GM and Volt developers are hoping that the sheer originality and innovative nature will arouse customer interest and make customers flock to dealerships for their chance to purchase this groundbreaking car. The only concern coming from GM officials, automotive enthusiasts and economic researchers is the estimated $40,000+ price tag the GM is anticipating for the Volt.


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Ask Not What Your Community Can Do For General Motors, Ask What General Motors Can Do For Your Community

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General Motors has always been noted for not only taking care of their employees, but for also helping to take care of the communities around them.

GM offer a variety of community enrichment programs as well as GM sponsored educational programs. The auto giant has received numerous humanitarian awards throughout their existence as well as an overwhelming number of accolades for their variety of scholarship programs that are often times open to any and everyone who wishes to apply. The company also offers scholarships that are exclusive to employees or the families of General Motors employees.


General Motors also helps to sponsor or make large charitable donations to organizations such as The American Red Cross and The United Way, as well as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and The American Cancer Society.

General Motors has always been a firm believer in giving back to the community and even in times of economic turmoil, they continue to find the resources and means in which to continue with community and charitable contributions.


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General Motors & The Groundswell

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When it comes to General Motors and their interaction and use of the groundswell, there is definite room for improvement. GM and their subsidiary companies have all began to tap into the groundswell in one form or another. When you look at a company the size of General Motors, many would think that the last thing they would be concerned with would be feed back and communication with past, current and future customers. GM, on the other hand, does a wonderful job with not only gathering information from customers, but unlike many companies, GM uses the information in a constant trial to help improve the company, how they are perceived in the community, as well as ideas to help improve or create their vehicles.

Much beyond the General Motors website, GM has a serious vacancy in the social media networks. Many of these social media networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and PRopenmic provide not only people, but companies to greatly improve their inline presence all while opening up a new means in which they can communicate with audience members which they may not have heard from before.

Though General Motors could definitely use some help with their online presence, their community presence is among the best of any other company in their industry. This high level of community involvement not only helps with the GM company image, but like the social media sites on the internet, it allows them to tap into a segment of audiences in which they could have missed before.

As I stated before, General Motors has began to tap into and utilize the groundswell, but there is still much room for improvement. GM and the many companies that are associated with them have the money, resources and the man power to use the groundswell to their full advantage but now we just need them to actually USE IT!!

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Which Of Grunig & Hunt’s PR Models Best Fits General Motors?

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In reference to the different Public Relations models produced by Grunig & Hunt, General Motors fits into 2 of them a little more than the others. The Two-way Symmetric and the Two-way Asymmetric models are by far the most prevalent models that GM utilizes.

GM and the Two-way Symmetric model becomes more obvious in the times in which GM or its representatives are actually meeting face to face with current or perspective customers. This face to face interaction allows for GM to get immediate feed back in response to the information that they are sending out.

The Two-way Asymmetric model is the model most commonly used by General Motors. General Motors is constantly sending out information through a variety of sources, some of which allow for feed back, while others done, but with this diminished amount of feed back coming from their audience makes GM fit into this model more than any other.


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