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So You Are A PR Major…… What Now?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on March 10, 2008 by mjung18

As a senior Public Relations Major at Georgia Southern University, I have heard a lot of different stories about what to expect when entering the real world. Of all of the stories that i have heard and experiences that i have been able to partake in have taught me one thing; no matter what you do is a PR practitioner, you have to ensure that it is what you actually want to do.

There are many different part to Public Relations, with many different career opportunities for people to enter into.

I decided very early in my PR career that I did not want to be stuck behind a desk writing press releases all day, every day. I am a people person. I like dealing with people in a face-to-face setting and know that i would be completely miserable in a job that did not allow me to do so.

I also discovered very early in my PR career that I enjoy the Crisis Management part of PR. This is the sector of Public Relations that I will more than likely enter and make into my career.

Just because you are a PR major does not mean you have to be the press center for a company. A degree in PR can take you many directions and provide many different opportunities for those who choose to become a PR practitioner. There is just one thing that every PR practitioner needs to keep in mind……..