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How Do I?……..

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on April 8, 2008 by mjung18

As part of a class assignment i was directed to come up with a presentation on how to do a specific action in Adobe InDesign. The action that i chose to teach everyone was how to wrap text around a specific graphic or shape that you have put into your project.

There are 6 VERY EASY steps that will make this process VERY EASY for YOU!

1. Insert as many text boxes as you will need

2. Add the graphic that you are wanting to put into your project

3. Once the graphic is in the project, and it is still selected, click the window drop down tab on the tool bar at the top of the screen

4. Once the menu drops down, go down to the “Types & Tabs” area. Another menu will appear, at which time you select the Text Wrap option

5. A new pop up window will appear and allow you to make choices such as shape, size and other formating desires that you may have. Choose all that you will need.

6. Once all of your options have been selected and you are done formatting all you have to do is start typing and the text will being to automatically form around the graphic and frame that you chose.

These are 6 very easy step to add something that will make your project look and flow even better.