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Its that time of the year folks…… INTERVIEW SEASON!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on April 8, 2008 by mjung18

Everyone knows that the beginning of April is the hight of the internship season for anyone wishing to have a summer internship.  Everyone in all of your classes are going after many of the same jobs that you will be going for.  Friends will become the competition and you are going to need that one thing that helps you stand out above the others.

After doing some snooping online, trying to get the upper hand, i found a few VERY good tips on how to stand out in an interview.  I am going to be kind enough to share my top 5 with you.

1. Dress Nice, and Appropriately –> The best way to get attention in an interview is to look good.  Some one who is well kept and looks professional is much more likely to get the job, and is also more likely to be considered for future jobs within the company as well.

2.  Have Good Posture –> Always make sure to stand up straight, sit up, and hold yourself with pride.  Act like you care, and that you want the job and show the interviewer that you mean business and that you are serious about wanting this job.

3.  Have a Good Handshake –> This is another very good way to show that you mean business and that you are not afraid of a challenge.  This shows the boos that you can handle pressure and can also show that you are confident about this job, and rally think that you can do it and deserve it.

4.  Speak Clearly and Enunciate –>  You spent 4+ years in college, talk like you have an education.  Show the person who is interviewing you that you have an IQ and that you are able to have a quality and understandable conversation.

Brush-Up on the Company –>  Put forward the extra energy to do some research about the company at which you will be interviewing.  This shows the boss that you are very interested and that you already know something about the company.

To all of you going out for internships this summer, I say, good luck, and I hope I win. 🙂 But, really follow these tips and you are sure to get some form of an upper hand over a lot of people that you are going up against.