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General Motors & The Groundswell

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When it comes to General Motors and their interaction and use of the groundswell, there is definite room for improvement. GM and their subsidiary companies have all began to tap into the groundswell in one form or another. When you look at a company the size of General Motors, many would think that the last thing they would be concerned with would be feed back and communication with past, current and future customers. GM, on the other hand, does a wonderful job with not only gathering information from customers, but unlike many companies, GM uses the information in a constant trial to help improve the company, how they are perceived in the community, as well as ideas to help improve or create their vehicles.

Much beyond the General Motors website, GM has a serious vacancy in the social media networks. Many of these social media networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and PRopenmic provide not only people, but companies to greatly improve their inline presence all while opening up a new means in which they can communicate with audience members which they may not have heard from before.

Though General Motors could definitely use some help with their online presence, their community presence is among the best of any other company in their industry. This high level of community involvement not only helps with the GM company image, but like the social media sites on the internet, it allows them to tap into a segment of audiences in which they could have missed before.

As I stated before, General Motors has began to tap into and utilize the groundswell, but there is still much room for improvement. GM and the many companies that are associated with them have the money, resources and the man power to use the groundswell to their full advantage but now we just need them to actually USE IT!!

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One Week With Twitter

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Per an assignment handed down by my Corporate Public Relations professor I was required to create an account on the social networking site called Twitter.  I found that this site was very similar to another social media site that I am a member of, facebook, but twitter basically encompasses the status portion of facebook.  

Twitter gave me the ability to connect with people, not only in the USA, but all over the world.  I began “following” (recieving the posts) from quite a few important and experienced people in the fields of communications, advertising, and the automotive industry.  

Though i enjoyed the short time I have been on twitter, keeping up with people, seeing when new people decide to follow me and seeing what new and exciting people I can find to follow, I have to honestly admit that I do not feel that I would keep up with or follow twitter as much as I do with some other social media networks that I am a member of.  

Twitter is a WONDERFUL network full of valuable information and sources that I truly wish to oneday uncover but i am less than impressed with the idea of only being able to post no more than 140 characters per post OR private message.  

I do NOT intend on deactivating my account, and fully intend on maintaining it and seeing what other twitters out there can offer, but i stongly foresee myself using Facebook, PRopenmic and LinkedIN more than twitter.